Lunch at The Centers

The COA serves a nutritious meal Monday through Friday at its centers in Three Rivers and Sturgis. We also offer a meal on Fridays at Kline’s Resort. The meals are served at Noon and the suggested donation is $3.50.

You must call the COA at 279-8083 to sign up for lunch at least 24 hours in advance. We also have kiosks at both our centers where you can make lunch reservations.

Restaurant Program

The Restaurant Program is an extension of our congregate meal site. It allows our COA members to get vouchers or tickets for participating restaurants. This allows our seniors a choice of where they eat, what they eat and when they eat, but more importantly, it gives them the opportunity to eat out – to not eat at home alone. COA members can pick up the tickets or vouchers at our Sturgis Enrichment Center or our Rivers Enrichment Center. Tickets can be obtained for a suggested donation of $5.00 per ticket. This program is not only beneficial to our seniors by giving them the opportunity to eat at a restaurant of their choice, but the restaurants also benefit from getting more customers into their establishments. Each year, more than $250,000 is re-invested back into our community through our local restaurant owners. 2024 TICKETS EXPIRE ON DECEMBER 31, 2024.

A complete list of the Restaurant Program guidelines and participating restaurants can be found below. Because restaurants occasionally change their hours of operation, if you are not sure if the restaurant you want to eat is open, please call ahead.


The Royal Café
701 E. Main Street
(269) 467-4181


Dawn’s Café
105 E. State Street
(269) 432-4034


Meeks Mill
138 E. Water Street
(269) 435-8325

American Legion Post 223
65079 US Highway 131 N
Sunday: 7am – 10:30am
(269) 435-4075

Harvey House 125 W. Water Street (269) 228-6977


A Family Affair
148 W. Main Street
(269) 496-8600


918 W. Chicago Road
(269) 651-5697

American Legion Post 73
500 W. Chicago Road
First and Third Sunday:
8am – 11am
(269) 651-9095


Three Rivers

Mr. B’s Dairy Bar
403 6th Street
(269) 278-3495

Main Street Café
13 N. Main Street
(269) 279-7400

American Legion Post 170
59990 S. Main Street
Friday: 4pm – 7pm
(269) 273-5205

White Pigeon

The Country Table
714 W. Chicago Road
(269) 483-9567

Senior Congregate Restaurant Program Guidelines

Coupons are available at: Three Rivers, Sturgis and Klines Resort meal sites
Phone: (269) 279-8083 or (800) 641-9899
Recommended Donation per Ticket: $5.00 (Good for any meal)
Contact Person: Katie Hughes – COA Nutrition Director


  • Intake Form must be filled out at time of acquisition, or must present current COA
    membership card.
  • Coupons must be signed when used at restaurant.
  • You must be 60 years of age to participate, or married to a registered eligible person.
  • Present your coupon to your server at time of ordering.
  • You cannot share tickets with others.
  • You must order from the special COA menu. No Substitutions.
  • No “Carry Out”, Delivery or “To Go” orders; Meals must be consumed at restaurant.
  • Restaurants, at their own discretion, have the option to offer clients “doggie bags” for
    leftovers that are not consumed. The restaurant may not charge the client or COA for this
    container. The restaurant assumes liability for food safety (through abiding by the regulations
    of the local health department) until the food leaves the premises, at which time the meal
    recipient is liable for proper food handling and food safety. (Amended 5/26/2010)
  • Coffee and other beverages are not included in the cost of your meal. This is extra.
  • Tip is on your own, it is not included. Please tip on the actual cost of your meal – not the cost of the
  • One person per ticket, meals cannot be shared.
  • Tickets Expire 12/31 of the year purchased.